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Chinese Fried Rice | Chicken Fried Rice

Chinese people who went to do business overseas to earn a living, particularly Yangzhou chefs, spread Yangzhou fried rice recipes to all corners of the world. Now, you will find different varieties of Chinese fried rice with local fusion.

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Chicken Karahi | Home Made Chicken Karahi Masala

Chicken Karahi or homemade chicken karahi masala is a very popular recipe in all the corners of Pakistan. It is also a popular Indian recipe in some areas. It is quite interesting to note that this chicken recipe does not need a long time to make.

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Lemon Chicken Steak

Lemon Chicken Steak bursting with lemon flavor and it is so easy to make at home! Chicken breasts are soaking in the marinade and cook with perfection. A chicken recipe the entire family members will love! 

Fish-Flavored Chicken Strips | Fish Flavored Shredded Chicken

Talking about the Fish-Flavored Chicken Strips, for many people it may be a new concept but the majority of the people must be familiar with it. This dish is named after the "fish flavor".

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Chicken Satay Sticks | چکن ساتے اسٹک

When it is about tasty foods or a delicious starter, no one can ignore the special Chicken Satay Sticks. These chicken sticks contain the simplest source of quick energy for everyone.

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Chicken Wonton Recipe |  چکن وان ٹون

Chicken wonton recipe, like at the restaurant but at home;). Today I’m offering you a classic little appetizer of Chinese restaurants that I love: fried chicken wonton recipe!