Homemade Kurkure | Kurkuray Recipe


Who doesn’t like snacks with tea time? And especially if that snack fulfills every need your taste buds were in search for how can you resist it. Just with the same indentations of ending your snack search for the best recipe. We introduce you with crunchy, crispy, spicy, and with a bust of flavors, homemade kurkure, or homemade kurkuray. It is not only a tea time snack but can also be served as party food or as break time lunch.

Now, a question comes that what is so special in it, so the thing that distinguishes it most is kurkure’s tangy flavor with no preservatives. Yes, that’s true now even if you have a sensitive stomach or are very sensitive about your hygiene you can easily enjoy these snacks as our homemade kurkure are totally safe and have no preservatives and artificial colors.

So don’t forget to try our flawless crunchy homemade kurkure, to introduce your taste buds with flavors of the next level!


Homemade Kurkure | Kurkuray Recipe


1/2 cup Rice Powder

1/2 cup Gram flour

2 tbsp Corn starch

Salt as taste

2 tbsp Oil

1 cup Water

1 tbsp Chat masala

1tbsp red chili powder

2 pinch Red food color


Homemade Kurkure | Kurkuray Recipe

Preparation Method:

In a bowl add rice flour and gram flour.

Mix it well.

In a deep pot add water and salt.

Cook it till salt is dissolved.

Add rice flour mixture in it.

Mix quickly and continuously.

Keep mixing until it forms in the dough.

Turn off the flame.

Let it rest for 5 minutes.

Take out in a dish.

Spread it in a dish and let it be cool.

Add corn starch and mix it well.

Then add oil.

Knead it till all the things come together.

Give it the shape of Kurkure.

Heat up oil in a deep pot.

Fry the kurkure according to the space of the pot.

Fry it till it gets crispy.

Dish it out.

In a bowl add red chili, chat masala, and red food color.

Mix it with ready kurkure.

Crispy, delicious, and Spicy homemade kurkure is ready.

Homemade Kurkure | Kurkuray Recipe

Cook’s Tip:

While frying the kurkure if you will cover the half lid on the pot, the kurkure will be crispier.


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