For distinct herbal kind of flavor Mexican husk tomato or tomatillo is most feasible. This green food source is covered with a kind of peppery husk. The husk is to be removed at first because it is inedible in nature. It is apricot sized vegetable that is mostly acidic in raw form. It can bring the tastiness into the dishes like salsas. Its skin can be peeled off just by boiling.


Due to its juicy nature, it is most preferred in making green sauces. The year round veggie is lot similar in taste to lemon or pineapple. The inside flesh is lot softer but from the outside Tomatillo’s are lot firmer. Any diet can be made fascinating with the addition of tomatillo. It can give a slight tartness to the dishes. Regular use can enhance the enzymatic process that can certainly raise the energy level of the body.