A Seaweed Product used like Gelatin


If we talk about quality seaweed vegetation than Agar Agar | Kanten is one of the vegetables that is a healthy food source. It is a type of plant that is used in commonly used in Philippine and Vietnamese cuisines. It can act as a stabilizing agent in custards, sauces, and puddings. It is used as an alternative source for gelatin. This food source is one of the finest ingredients that are also used in desserts in the Asian region. It can also be an appetite if it is used in an appropriate form.


Agar Agar | Kanten can typically be heated in order to dissolve completely. It can be chilled and enjoyed in cold form. In order to make soups thicker, it can be the best ingredient. With more than 80% of fiber available in it, this green plant is excellent for the digestive system of the human body.