Chicken Kofta Curry | Chicken Kofta Gravy

Chicken Kofta Curry | Chicken Kofta Gravy   Chicken Kofta Balls When we prepare something nice and tasty for friends’ parties, we always try to make small recipes that are quick to make and nibble on with your fingertips, and it can easy to take away too. In an aperitif [...]

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Fried Peanuts | فرائیڈ پی نٹ

Are you a big fan of dry nuts? Fried peanuts would be a classic choice to enjoy TV shows and movies. Chewing the crispy and spicy fried nuts will keep your mouth watered. It also gives a salty flavor to keep your energy level up.

Chinese Fried Rice | Chicken Fried Rice

Chinese people who went to do business overseas to earn a living, particularly Yangzhou chefs, spread Yangzhou fried rice recipes to all corners of the world. Now, you will find different varieties of Chinese fried rice with local fusion.

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Savory Beef Slices with Onion

Beef with onion is a perfect combination and perfect food for many including me. I usually make Savory Beef Slices with Onion once or twice during the month and pour it over a bowl of plain boiled rice and enjoy the food with my wife and children.

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Match Stick Potato | میچ اسٹک پوٹیٹو چپس

Originated in Europe, the Match stick potato is now popular worldwide. This potato recipe is considered a favorite because of the mouthwatering flavor and easy cooking.

Deep-Fried Fish Balls | ڈیپ فرائیڈ فش بالز

Meat Fried balls are a favorite starter for all of us. The Deep-fried fish balls are among the top choices for the mothers cooking attractive dishes for kids.

Chicken Karahi | Home Made Chicken Karahi Masala

Chicken Karahi or homemade chicken karahi masala is a very popular recipe in all the corners of Pakistan. It is also a popular Indian recipe in some areas. It is quite interesting to note that this chicken recipe does not need a long time to make.

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Lemon Chicken Steak

Lemon Chicken Steak bursting with lemon flavor and it is so easy to make at home! Chicken breasts are soaking in the marinade and cook with perfection. A chicken recipe the entire family members will love!