Gherkin Cucumbers are a type of cucumber that is smaller than the other family members. In most of the cases, people use these cucumbers to make pickles for longer time usages. These cucumbers are also called miniature cucumbers. The color of these cucumbers is mostly dark green and they are mostly firm and strong in nature. The size of these cucumbers is little smaller, they grow almost 1-3 inches in size to the fullest.

Cucumbers for pickling


The color of these cucumbers can get a little darker once they are completely mature. These cucumbers are best for snacks and salads. Gherkin Cucumber is best for use within two weeks. The availability of these cucumbers starts in April and ends in November. There is a reasonable amount of protein, carbohydrate, fat, dietary fats and Vitamin C present in these types of cucumber. Commonly these Gherkin Cucumbers are termed as the burpless.


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