Sweet Vermicelli or Meethi Seviyan is an ideal formula for a candy taste lovers! Meethi Seviyan Recipe is a delectable and snappy Pakistani Sweet Seviyan that can be prepared in a matter of minutes.

This desi-style Pakistani (desi meethi seviyan) formula is made for some merry events as a speedy sweet dish, and furthermore can be served as an alternative of sweet breakfast, and perfect pastry for visitors as well. The formula of dried sweet vermicelli is an ideal snappy option for the holy month of Ramadan to fulfill the sweet tooth yearnings at iftar time.

I am going to give the best Vermicelli Recipe and I really recommend you to see my formula of meethi Seviyan in any event once!!

This sweet vermicelli is a well known sweet dish in Pakistan and India. Meethi Seviyan also named Muzaffar Seviyan or Qawami Seviyan in Pakistan. It is also called Semayan or Bambino Shevaya in India.

Individuals love this dish since Vermicelli is extremely affordable to purchase and exceptionally simple to make and furthermore effectively accessible all over the world. The principle item that you require is Vermicelli (entire wheat). So, buy quality vermicelli, cooked, or plain (both are ideal for this recipe). Mix with nuts and raisins or anything of your choice!

Super Easy Pakistani Meethi Seviyan Recipe or Vermicelli Dessert preparation for Today’s Dessert!

This sweet vermicelli treat is a mainstream happy sweet dish in Pakistan and furthermore in India.



About the Recipe

Pakistani Meethi Seviyan Recipe | Vermicelli Dessert

Today I’m going to let you know the most straightforward and the speediest rendition of dry meethi seviyan or sweet vermicelli formula without milk in a style (my mother told me). You can make Sweet vermicelli with milk too (you know about Sheer Khorma!). I shared my tasty Milky Sheer Khorma delight earlier.

This simple adaptation of dry sweet vermicelli is a child-friendly dish as well. My children love it and I’m grateful for this brisk and simple yet delightful formula that I gained from my mom.

Much obliged to you, MAMA!!

It would seem that winter is a period of good and delectable dishes. Particularly foods or dishes cooked in milk are liked. Customary Sawaiyan is an incredible dish for winter. It has a special taste and fitness advantages are extraordinary.


Serving 4-5 Persons

Making Time:            10 minutes

Cooking Time:          20 minutes

Total Time:                 30 minutes


Pakistani Meethi Seviyan Recipe | Vermicelli Dessert




Sugar- ½ cup.

Pistachio- ¼ cup.

Almonds- ¼ cup.

Dried Dates- 8-9.

Khoya- ¼ cup.

Cardamom powder- ½ tsp.

Boiled Milk-1 Ltr.


Pakistani Meethi Seviyan Recipe | Vermicelli Dessert

Preparation Method:

Include sugar, khoya and cardamom powder in milk and continue cooking (medium flame) for 10 to 15 minutes.

Fry Seviyan (Sawaiyan) and add cardamom powder (¼ tsp), until it turns light darker. At that point add milk with all dry fruits and cook.

When the milk begins thickening includes Seviyan (Sawaiyan) and cook for at least 5 minutes.

Garnish with crushed dry fruits. Serve cold.

Pakistani Meethi Seviyan or Vermicelli Dessert is ready. Enjoy with a sweet dessert.