Shallots are underground fleshy kind of bulbs that have an appealing aroma. In terms of taste, it is entirely different from onions. It is a kind of food source that is mostly fried in order to add a distinct flavor to Asian cuisines. Due to its less pungent nature, it is one of the suitable ingredients that can be added to enhance the overall texture of the dishes.


Crispy shallots are extremely useful in soups and salads. It can also be minced with various forms of the meat. There is a definite amount of glucose present in it. Shallots can get caramelize if fried. For sprinkling purposes, Fresh ones can be used in chopped or cubed form. It is one of the popular edible elements in the culinary world that is mostly used in paste form.  With the presence of pyridoxine, it can help get soothe nerves.